Linhares okami

Linhares's swollen face after the fight.

Both fighters were coming off of hard-fought losses, Yushin Okami to Chael Sonnen, and Lucio Linhares to Rousimar Palhares. Okami showed improved standup.

The FightEdit

The first round began. Linhares pressed forward early. Linhares stalking. Linhares landed an inside leg kick. Linhares landed an inside leg kick. Four twenty. Four minutes. Okami landed a jab. Okami landed a big knee, stepping into it. Okami blocked a high kick. Okami landed a good jab and stuffed a takedown easily. Linhares was cut. He ate another jab. Okami landed a body kick, Linhares tried a single-leg and pulled half-guard. Three minutes, Okamis tanding over him and came down to half-guard on the other side. Linhares was bleeding badly. Linhares stood and tried a single-leg and backed off. Linhares was bleeding badly and it was in his eyes. Okami landed a crisp right jab. Linhares landed an inside leg kick. Okami landed a striaght left and rocked Linhares. Okami landed a jab. Okami landed a straight left and an uppercut. Linhares dropped to half-guard, two minutes, Okami pounded with hammerfists and a big punch, passing to half-guard. Okami landed another pair of hammerfists. One thirty. Linhares retained gurd, but he was really bloody. One fifteen. One minute. A bit of a pause here now. Thirty. Okami landed a good punch and passed to half-guard. Fifteen. Linhares was cut on the bridge of the nose and under the right eye and the left eyelid as well. The first round ended. The second round began and they touched gloves. Okami landed a stiff jab. Linhares missed an inside leg kick. Linhares blocked a high kick. Four twenty-five with Linhares landing that kick. Linhares landed an uppercut and a straight left. Four minutes. Okami landed the straight left and ate an inside leg kick as well. Okami landed that jab. Okami landed another jab. Three twenty-five. Okami landed a hard straight left. Linhares changed stances. Okami landed another jab. Three minutes with Linhares eating another jab. Okami landed a straight lef and another and a right hand and a jab. Okami landed a hard straight left and Linhares stumbled. Okami landed a good combination. Two twenty. The referee paused the fight so that the doctor could check the cuts, Linhares's face was covered in red. Linhares was bleeding with them, the doctor was apologizing to Linhares but he said he was proud of him but he had to stop it and he did.

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