Sims kyle

A tiny picture of Kyle in Sims's guard.

After the fight, Wes Sims was cut despite taking the fight on one day's notice. He complained during the fight of Mike Kyle biting him on the chest.

The FightEdit

The first round began. Sims missed a high kick and missed very much. They clinched. Kyle was looking for the single. Sims pressed him into the fence. Kyle had double underhooks. Four twenty-five remaining. Kyle landed a foot stomp. He missed another. Four minutes. Sims was looking for a standing guillotine. He had it. He had it. Kyle was fighting it. Sims pulled guard with it but lost it. Three thirty-five remaining. Sims looked for an arm triangle from the bottom. He had it locked in. Kyle escaped but Sims almost had it again, Kyle was out fully. Sims had a body triangle from the bottom. Three minutes remaining. Kyle was warned to watch his fingers. Kyle landed a right hand. Two thirty-five remaining now. Sims went for the arm triangle again from the bottom. Kyle got out. Two fifteen. Kyle landed a body shot and a right hand and then an elbow. Two minutes. Kyle was covering the mouth with both hands now. Kyle landed some good body shots. The referee wanted action. Kyle was trying a can opener. Sims avoided. One twenty-five. One fifteen. Kyle landed some body shots. One minute. Sims changed sides on that body triangle. Kyle tried a shoulder slam and I think he landed a headbutt. Sims didn't seem happy. Thirty. The referee stood them up with twenty-seven left. Sims was slow to get up. Sims barely turned around in time, Kyle had the knees, he landed a pair of knees to the face and one to the body and another to the knee and Sims broke away and ate a right hand and dropped and it was all over with literally like one second left in the first round. Wow. Interesting fight. Sims was very tired getting up. Sims had taken the fight on one day's notice.

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