Wes 'A Whole Show' Sims

Wes Sims is a journeyman and a former competitor on the tenth season of The Ultimate Fighter. He is known for his eccentric personality and his tendency to take fights that he cannot possibly win, such as losing by knockout in a second fight against Frank Mir after winning the first by disqualification due to illegal foot stomps, and taking a fight against undefeated professional wrestler Bobby Lashley. He is also known to be one of the tallest MMA fighters yet, with a significant height advantage over virtually any opponent.

He was in the UFC for a short stint of three fights, all losses, the pair of fights with Mir and another knockout loss to Mike Kyle. Afterwards, he was cut.

After the loss to Lashley, Sims took the rest of 2010 off. He is next rumored to fight for Strikeforce again in 2011 against Jason Riley.


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