Belfort martin

Belfort standing over the unconscious Martin.

The fight was Vitor Belfort's debut at middleweight, and his Affliction debut as well. The fight was Terry Martin's Affliction debut and his only fight with the promotion.

The FightEdit

The first round began. They circled in close. Martin looking good with good head movement. Belfort landed a body kick. Four twenty. Martin missed a combination. Four minutes, Martin came in and clinched. Boos came. Belfort broke with a knee. Belfort landed a nice straight left. Three minutes remaining. Belfort landed a counter and they clinched. Belfort landed a few knees to the legs. More boos came. Belfort broke. Martin landed a good counter overhand right. Two minutes with them exchanging and Martin landing a body shot, the only solid shot of the exchange. Martin grazed with a counter straight right. Martin stumbled strangely. Belfort landed a jab. Belfort landed a jab a moment later. One minute. Thirty. Belfort landed a jab. Ten. Belfort landed a jab. The first round ended. The second round began. Belfort landed a jab. Martin landed a good right hook. Belfort landed a straight left and a jab. Four twenty. Martin landed a body shot. Belfort landed a body kick. Martin landed a jab and a body shot. Four minutes. Martin stumbled missing a body shot. Belfort landed a body kick and another, Martin caught it and got the takedown. Belfort landed three elbows from the bottom. Three twenty. Three minutes. Belfort stood, Martin had the single and ate a few shots and they broke apart. Two twenty. Belfort landed a flying knee with one minute, Belfort tried for the single and they broke. Belfort landed an uppercut and a left hand and Martin collapsed to a sitting position through the ropes. His face was bloody. Possibly a cut under his left eye. What an uppercut. Belfort said he thought he broke his hand in the first round.

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