The FightEdit

The first round began. Aaron came right out charging at Overeem. Big scrambles with Overeem defending nicely. Overeem got the big double on Brink into full guard. Brink had his mouth wide open already, but he kept Overeem tight. Brink was holding on for dear life not giving any space. The two scrambled back up and broke apart and Overeem threw some hard shots at Brink. Brink caught Overeem with hard shots of his own. Overeem tried to block the shots as Brink threw uppercuts to get in. Overeem opened up and threw a hard right that didn't connect. Brink came at him again and Overeem threw a leg kick but couldn't match up to the flurry of punches Brink continued to throw at him. Overeem went down from an accumulation of hard rights and lefts and Brink won by TKO due to excessive shots at 2:24.

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