I'm a very active member of the Sherdog mixed martial arts forums and I would just like to display the sort of responses I make to average threads.

'Favorite knees'? This thread was where a poster asked everyone what they thought their favorite knee moments in MMA history were. The predictable responses were Anderson Silva's knees in the Muay Thai against Rich Franklin (both times), Joachim Hansen's walk-off knee knockout of Masakazu Imanari in Pride, Wanderlei Silva's knee knockouts of Quinton Jackson in their first two bouts, and of course Jose Aldo's double flying knee knockout of Cub Swanson.

My response is never typical nor predictable. Here it is.

"The first one that comes to mind is probably Ricardo Arona versus Kazushi Sakuraba. Sakuraba's face was absolutely hideous after the fight was over. Next I thought of James Irvin versus Terry Martin. That was just a ridiculous finish. Also does anyone remember that knee that Jose Landi-Jons hit Carlos Newton with? That was amazing."

Which current UFC champion do you want to see get KOed the most? This thread is pretty self-explanatory. My response?

"Looks like Jon Jones is in the lead, with Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva tied for second. Frank Edgar brings up a close third. About what I expected. I mostly want to see Jones get brutally knocked out, but I wouldn't mind seeing Dominick Cruz slump unconscious to the mat either."

Jon Jones will be a better and bigger HW than Cain in a few years. This guy was stating that Jones had a bigger frame than current heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez, that he was more athletic and that he has a sizeable reach advantage and he's also younger.

"While all of what you said was true... I would pick Cain via decision over Jones any day."

YOU are the judge. What do you value most? Also self explanatory.

"I'd value effective striking over useless, brief takedowns. If something is done with the takedowns, then yes they would score big on my card."

How will the Diaz/Daley fight end? This one was a poll. The most significant votes were 54 for Nick Diaz via submission (including my own vote) and only 35 for Paul Daley via knockout.

'Why are people so sure that Jones is going to get HUGE'? This guy made a good point, stating that when they first hit the scene everyone thought that guys like Dustin Hazelett and Cole Miller would fill out as well.

"I think he'll eventually dabble in heavyweight but he won't have unprecedented success there or be dominantly huge, no."

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