Rashad Evans vs. Mauricio Rua - This fight was supposed to happen at UFC 128 at March 2011 but that's history as we all know who replaced Rashad and went on to reign to this day as the UFC 205 pound champion: Jon Jones. Anyways here's how I saw the fight going. I think Evans would have used his wrestling to put Rua off guard and would have hurt him pretty bad in the first but not finish him because Rua was durable even then. I think he would have put Shogun's lights out in the second with a high kick.

Brock Lesnar vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira - This fight could have been the fight that happened at the historic UFC 100 event if not for Mir's demolition of Nogueira at UFC 92. Here's how I think it would have gone. I think Lesnar probably would have dominated Nogueira en route to a third round TKO.

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