Okay just gonna post my thoughts while watching the countdown show. I'm bored. Just random thoughts.

  • Wow this is Jose Aldo's UFC debut, and he's the UFC featherweight champion... I knew that but I didn't truly REALIZE it, I suppose.
  • Jake Shields is on a fifteen-fight win streak. He deserves this fight.
  • I'm actually pumped for this main event finally. It's a shame that I won't get to see it.
  • "He's a guy that I've wanted to fight for a long time." - Georges St. Pierre.
  • Shields's striking is truly laughable.
  • Shields's parents look like backwards hicks.
  • Shields used to be a tour guide.
  • Jake's high-school wrestling coach admitted that Shields isn't a naturally-gifted athlete.
  • Shields ran into Chuck Liddell before he was famous.
  • "Chuck completely humbled me." - Shields.
  • Wow his dad knows who Hayato Sakurai was. Shields only had ten days' notice?
  • Those carefully-chosen highlights almost make Shields look good. Almost.
  • Georges trained with Roger Gracie in London. He also trained with sprinters to be explosive. He worked boxing with Freddie Roach.

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