The first round began. Hall tried an immediate flying knee. Stallings landed a leg kick. Hall blocked two high kicks. He faked a spin. Hall landed a leg kick. Stallings landed a body kick. Stallings took the fight on a weeks' notice. Hall tried a spinning heel kick. 4:00. Hall landed a leg kick. Stallings blocked a high kick. Hall landed a leg kick and a blocked high kick. Stallings landed a leg kick. 3:00. Hall landed a leg kick. Stallings blocked a wheel kick. Hall landed an inside kick eating a jab. Stallings landed a right uppercut and a left, ate a counter right. Stallings landed an inside kick. Hall hurt him with a counter right, pounced with a left, half-guard. 2:00. Lefts, four left elbows, a right, a right, another. Hall got the back, rights under, stood over, left hand. Hall let him up. Stallings' left eye is a mess. Ref called the doc in. Swelling up quickly. Stallings said he could see, the doc said no, ref waved it off. Nasty cut though.. Joe - "If this was in Vegas I bet it wouldn't have been stopped." 3:37 R1. "I know Costas punked out but I'm going to beat him up in April." Gave respect for Stallings. Hall said there was no need to fight each other with the recent police drama around the country. Said he has high hopes for 2015.