The first round began. Ferguson landed an inside kick. "Don't back straight up!" Ferguson landed a body kick. Trujillo dropped him with a right hand, tackled him into the fence, throwing a big combo, Ferguson mostly slipped it. He's recovered. 4:00. Trujillo landed a left and another. Trujillo landed another left and a right. Trujillo caught an inside kick getting a double to the butterfly guard. Kneed the head as Ferguson stood to the clinch, headlock kept. They broke. 3:00. Trujillo hurt him with a right. Trujillo landed a counter left and a right. Trujillo caught a hard body kick and got a double to guard, Ferguson worked rubber guard. Ferguson went for an armbar, Trujillo escaped landing four hard rights. 2:00. A right hand, Ferguson stood and broke. Swelling on Tony's forehead. Trujillo backpedaling. They clinched and broke. Ferguson landed a jab and a right and hurt Trujillo. Ferguson landed a jab. 1:00. Ferguson landed a left. Ferguson landed a jab. Trujillo landed a right. He's slowing down though, backpedaling. 35. 15. Trujillo landed a jab. Ferguson landed a flying knee. And a leg kick. And a checked leg kick and a right. R1 ends, 10-9 Trujillo but quite close, could go either way. Ferguson's corner wants him to stop chasing Trujillo, go for the jab and then the right.

R2 began. Trujillo landed a left. Ferguson landed a hard body kick, stuffed a double nicely to the clinch, Ferguson kneed the body. Trujillo was warned twice for grabbing the shorts, they broke. Ferguson landed a right. Ferguson landed an inside kick, sprawled a double. 4:00. Ferguson went for a D'arce. He took the back off of it. Ferguson went for an arm. Possible armbar, maybe omoplata. Kimura possibly. He lost it. Trujillo's on top. Ferguson landed an upkick. Trujillo got the back, 3:00. They stood to the clinch. Ferguson got a double from the back, Trujillo's tired. Ferguson worked an arm triangle against the cage. Kneed the body there. Trujillo stood to the clinch. Trujillo got a trip, Ferguson reversed and stood to the clinch, 2:00. Ferguson landed a double jab. Dragged Trujillo down with a headlock, got the back, left hammerfists. More left hammerfists. He trapped an arm with his leg. 1:00. Got a hook. Abel's tired. "Try to get up!" Ferguson got the choke and Trujillo tapped, nice! 4:19 R2. Ferguson said he had just weathered the storm consciously in the first round. Dedicated the win to his sick grandmother back home.