The fight was for the UFC heavyweight title with Ricco Rodriguez defending.

The FightEdit

The main event spelled upset tonight as 5 to 1 underdog Tim Sylvia quickly dismantled heavyweight champion Ricco Rodriguez in his first title defense. Sylvia was taking a gamble with this being only his second UFC fight to date, and honestly, few thought he could pull off the win against the well-rounded Rodriguez. But in the few seconds following the bell, Rodriguez was feeling the counter-puncher's power, when he ran into a looping right hook from the 6'8" Sylvia. Rodriguez shot in for the takedown, but quickly changed tactics, pivoting Sylvia into his guard. Almost securing the arm bar, Sylvia muscled his way out and Ricco had no choice but to stand. Sylvia counterpunched every blow Rodriguez fired off, catching the champ with a beautiful right cross that floored his opponent. Sylvia jumped into Rodriguez's guard to follow up with two more punches and a superfluous third. Although the official ruling was a TKO at 3:09 into round one, make no mistake. Rodriguez was knocked out cold. Miletich Martial Arts adds another belt to its mantle.

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