The fight was Tim Boetsch's UFC debut, replacing injured Tomasz Drwal on short notice, only ten days' notice.

The FightEdit

The first round began and they touched gloves. Boetsch missed a leg kick early and tried to turn it to a spinning back fist missing. They circled. They circled, both looked relaxed. Four twenty-five. Heath landed a left hook and a right hand. Boetsch replied with a body kick. Heath checked a leg kick. Four minutes. Boetsch landed a really nice teep. Heath blocked a right hand. Boetsch shot for a double, Heath stuffed it and they broke. Three thirty. Boetsch landed a nice body shot. Boetsch missed a sloppy leg kick and then landed another nice teep. Three minutes. Boetsch landed a right hand. Heath landed a nice inside leg kick. Boetsch missed a big right hand. He landed a body kick and narrowly missed a knee to the face. Two twenty. Heath's body had a welt on it. Two fifteen. Boetsch landed a left jab. Two minutes with Boetsch landing another teep. Boetsch landed a leg kick. One thirty-five remaining. Heath landed a leg kick. One fifteen. Boetsch landed a right hand and a knee to the face and stuffed a double-leg and landed another knee and Heath landed a right hand and another. Boetsch landed a front kick and another. One minute. Heath was backing up. Boetsch landed another knee and another three and another pair and Heath backed off. Thirty-five. Boetsch landed a body shot and a knee. Boetsch landed a body shot. He landed another pair of knees and another pair and another pair. Another knee and he threw Heath on his face with fifteen left and landed shots in under and the referee stopped it. Heath tried to say he was fine and tried to get up and his legs buckled and he fell back down. What a debut. What a ragdolling slam.

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