The fight was Kit Cope's second mixed martial arts fight and after the fight, he was 0-2.

The FightEdit

The first round began. They exchanged leg kicks and clinched against the fence. Tiki worked for a takedown. Kit defended and landed a few knees. The two exchanged knees now. Tiki worked for a takedown once more and finally got Kit down. Not much going on. Tiki pressed Kit up against the cage and threw a flurry of shots to the body. Kit kept it tight and Tiki continued to throw more shots to the body and shots to the head, making Kit scramble back up on his feet. Tiki took him down, more like pushed him down with a headlock into side control. Tiki mounted and threw some more shots to the head but the first round ended. The second round began. They exchanged leg kicks and Kit landed a nice solid leg kick. Kit landed some solid leg kicks. Tiki tried to take him down, attempting a single and securing with the double instead. Tiki tried to guillotine Kit from the top but he was unsuccessful. Tiki passed to side control. Tiki threw knees to the ribs from side position. Tiki mounted once more and threw shots to the head. Kit managed to stand. Tiki didn’t want anything to do with Kit standing up, he took him down and quickly passed back to the full mount. The second round ended with Tiki throwing more punches that were blocked by Kit. After the bell rang, Kit tapped immediately saying he couldn’t go on. It was rendered as a technical knockout (unable to answer the bell for the third round).

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