Black Tavares

Black blocking a high kick from Tavares.

Thiago Tavares came into the fight undefeated. The fight was the UFC debut of Jason Black.

The FightEdit

The first round began and they touched gloves. Tavares shot in, Black stuffed it and sprawled and theys crambled, Black stayed on top with side control. Very nice from Black. Black stood and let Tavares up. Four twenty. Tavares shot in and Black stuffed it briefly, Tavares switched and reversed and had the back and he was trying to turn to mount, he did at four minutes. Black retained half-guard but Tavares passed to side control. Three thirty. Black looked for an arm triangle from the bottom there. Tavares landed some body shots. Three fifteen. Tavares popped out. He mounted again. Black turtled up and stood. Tavares pulled guard with a tight guillotine with three minutes, rolled to mount. He landed a hammerfist and another and an elbow. Black was getting dominated. Tavares landed a good left hand. Tavares landed another good elbow. Another good hammerfist. Two twenty-five. Black regained guard. Tavares passed to half-guard. Two fifteen. Black trying to stand wtih the whizzer, but Tavares mounted once more, Black regained half-guard. Two minutes with Tavares keeping Black down in half-guard. Black regained guard. Tavares landed four or five good hammerfists. Tavares came down with a good elbow. One thirty. Black half-heartedly looked for a kimura on the right side. Tavares landed a hefty hammerfist. One minute. Black's right eye was swelling up. Tavares landed another big elbow there. Thirty-five. Tavares landed a hammerfist. Twenty-five with Tavares landing another pair of hammerfists. Tavares landed a right hand and an elbow. Ten. The first round ended. No cutmen worked on Black's swollen-closed eye. He had a cut by his left eye, as well. Murilo Bustamente fanned Thiago with a towel. The second round began. Tavares landed a body kick slightly. Tavares looked a lot like Vitor Belfort as Rogan noticed. Black stalking. Four twenty-five. Black caught a telegraphed high kick, shoved him down, let him up. Tavares shot, got the double-leg, lifted Black, carried him across the cage and slammed him hard to side control and had the back with one hook with four minutes. Black turned pulling half-guard. Black regained guard. Tavares landed three good body shots. Three thirty remained now. Black was struggling to isolate that arm for a kimura. Three fifteen. Black kept on looking for a kimura on the left side. He turned on top wall-walking into mount looking for that kimura with three minutes remaining. Black landing some body shots and still looking for it as Tavares regained half-guard now. Two thirty-five. Tavares got one butterly in, another, he was trying to regain guard. Two fifteen remaining with Tavares locking up a tight triangle and a few seconds later, Black tapped slowly and calmly. Tavares leaped up on the cage.

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