Mizuno silva

Mizuno and Silva in the clinch.

Thiago Silva came in undefeated. The fight was the last fight before Silva entered the UFC. The fight was for Pancrase.

The FightEdit

The first round began. Silva landed a body kick and ate a hard one. Mizuno tried another, slipped, stood. Silva landeed a right hand. Silva landed a leg kick. Mizuno landed a blocked body kick and a jab and they clinched. They broke after a moment. Mizuno pressed forward and Silva had the standing back suddenly. He tried a suplex, Mizuno grabbed the ropes and the referee broke them up. They sent them to their neutral corners. Mizuno apologized and they touched gloves and continued. Silva landed a body kick partially blocked. Mizuno landed a counter right and more blocked ones and they clinched again. Silva had the plum. He turned and had the standing back, kneed the back of the leg. He dropped and they scrambled and stood and broke. Silva landed a right hand and ate a counter right. Mizuno blocked a high kick. They clinched. Silva kneed the leg. Silva landed a pair of right hands inside. Silva landed a knee and a right hook and another and Mizun was hurt. Silva landed another pair of right hands, a body kick. They clinched. Silva had the standing back and had him down sitting. Two minutes remained. Mizuno turned and stood to the clinch. Silva landed a body shot and another. Silva broke with a pair of right hands. He blocked a body kick. Mizuno slipped and turtled up and stood eating a kick on the way up. Silva landed a right hand. Mizuno missed a spinning back fist miserably. They clinched. Silva had the standing back. They broke. Silva landed a hard right hand and they clinched, he tossed Mizuno down and landed a hard soccer kick and Mizuno went limp. Skater Boy played for some reason.

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