Martin salaverry

Martin walking away from Salaverry with his hands raised.

The fight was Ivan Salaverry's first fight in nearly two years.

The FightEdit

The first round began. Salaverry missed a high kick. Salaverry didn't look comfortable on the standup really. Salaverry landed an inside leg kick to the groin, Martin took a few seconds and touched gloves and they continued. Salaverry landed a body kick. Salaverry went to one knee strangely and stood again. Four fifteen. They exchanged in close landing nothing. Martin blocked a high kick and Salaverry nearly fell. Salaverry landed an inside leg kick with four minutes and another a moment later setting it up witha f eint and again. Martin ate another and landed a left hand and clinched. Three thirty. Martin had the standing back with a knee to the back of the leg and another. Martin was trying to lift him. Martin landed a knee to the body. Martin got a suplex on the face with three minutes and big hammerfists in under and the referee stopped the fight with two minutes and fifty-six seconds left. Martin took a few bows. They hugged.

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