The fight was the UFC debut of Stevie Ray.

The Fight Edit

The first round began and they touch gloves. Ray lands a leg kick. Crowd chanting Marcin. Ray lands a leg kick. Feeling out process here. Ray lands a straight left. Bandel lands an inside kick and a body kick. 4:00. Ray lands a leg kick. They clinch. Bandel briefly got him down, Ray pops back up to the clinch. He stuffs another trip. 3:00. Bandel lands a right elbow. Works a single. Ray defends landing lefts. Bandel rolls for a leglock. Ray defends landing in half-guard. Ray stands to the clinch defending a single. Ray lands a few more lefts inside. 2:00. Bandel rolls for another leglock. Ray grabs the cage and was warned but escapes to half-guard. Bandel reverses with a double but Ray stands to the clinch. Bandel again pulls half-guard. Bandel's nose is bloody. Ray lands a right elbow. Bandel regains guard. Ray lands a left elbow. Bandel trying to roll for a leglock. 1:00. Ray escapes and passes to side control. Interesting scramble. Ray taking the back. One hook, on top in half-guard now. 35. Possibly working an arm triangle, Bandel defending. 15. Bandel defending well. R1 ends, 10-9 Ray.

R2 began. Ray lands a good straight left, defends a single, sprawls. To half-guard. Passes nicely to side control. Has a no-hooks rear-naked choke as they stand, Bandel escapes to the clinch, applause from home crowd. 4:00. Bandel tries to pull guard, pulls mount, Ray gets the back, big lefts under, more, more. Back to mount. Hard lefts under, more, got the back again, more lefts. More. A few rights added in. More lefts. More. Ref stops it.