Aoki sotiropoulos

Sotiropoulos defending a kneebar attempt from Aoki.

The fight was a controversial disqualification victory for Shinya Aoki due to an inadvertant groin strike by George Sotiropoulos.

The FightEdit

They shook hands right before. The first round began. They circled with Aoki pumping out a front kick a few times like a jab. Aoki landed a jumping knee. George landed a leg kick and an inside leg kick. George landed an inside leg kick, Aoki caught it and dragged George down grabbing a tight kneebar, George nearly tapped, he was in pain trying to twist out, he was really cranking that. I heard something crack. Oh wow. That's a tight heelhook. George turned going for one of his own. Aoki was cranking his though after a moment. Oh wow dude. George was putting the foot on the ass. George landed a right hand. Aoki stood out of it over George. Aoki dropped back for another heelhook. He was cranking it again. Damn. George rolled ut and stood with that leg still trapped. Not much going on really. George dodging upkicks. George trying to pull out for about a minute now. George landed a right hand. He got his leg free and held the legs of Aoki. He came down and passed to side control and had the side back mount. Aoki turned on top for an armbar and then back for a heelhook. George landed a pair of hammerfists to the body and another. Aoki landed a hammerfist and another and another and another and another and another. The first round ended after a moment. The second round began. George landed a hard inside leg kick to the groin and Aoki collapsed facedown holding his groin. The officials rolled him over. Aoki was coughing holding his groin. Aoki got the DQ win.

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