Shiiiiiiit, dude. The only words that could possibly be used to react to the finish of Smith-Sell.

The fight was expected to be an all-out war between two heavy-handed brawlers, and it delivered with one of the most shocking finishes in UFC history, and even MMA history as a whole.

The FightEdit

The first round began. The fighters touched gloves. Smith tried for a kick early and missed. He tried for a head kick. Sell landed a leg kick. Smith landed a body kick and then a flurry of strikes and they exchanged, toe to toe. THey touched glovesa nd grinned at each other. They exchanged strikes, throwing bombs. Smith landed a leg kick and nearly got cornered. Sell landed a leg kick. Sell was bloodied up under the right eye. They flurried and exchanged again. They touched gloves again. Two minutes remained. They clinched against the cage and Sell landed some foot stomps. Both men were bloodied up now. The clinch broke. Smith landed some lefts. Smith tried for a head kick. Smith landed a left that knocked Sell down. They clinched against the cage. Sell broke it. Sell landed a leg kick. Sell was bloodied up under both eyes. Smith landed a body kick. They exchanged strikes. Smith landed a knee. They clinched, exchanging strikes inside. The first round ended.

The second round began. Smith was grinning. Smith landed a leg kick. Sell nearly slipped. Smith landed a Superman punch. Smith tried a head kick and missed. Sell jabbed as Smith landed a leg kick. Smith missed a left and followed with a right that landed. Sell landed a few good strikes with Smith against the fence. Three minutes remained. Smith pushed forward, landing overtop rights. With one minute and forty seconds remaining, Sell landed a hard left hook to the body and staggered Smith backwards. Sell pushed forward for the kill with his hands down and Smith threw a hard shot to Sell's chin and knocked him out.