Letourneau lands a high kick dropping Kaufman.

Both fighters came in undefeated, but it was only Valerie Letourneau's second fight. The fight was the first fight in TKO organization history to feature women.

The FightEdit

The first round began. They exchanged immediately, with Kaufman getting the better shots in. Kaufman landed another combination, ate a counter and they clinched, Valerie was trying to pull standing guard looking for a guillotine. Four minutes. Kaufman carried Valerie across the ring with the headlock in and dumped her down by the cage and the guillotine was still in. Kaufman landed some hard body shots and some more and popped out. Oooh Kaufman had walked her over to her corner. Kaufman landed some more body shots. Valerie was looking to control the arms. Two forty-five. Two twenty. Kaufman landed some more body shots. The referee stood them up with two ten remaining. The fans applauded that. Valerie landed a headkick and dropped Kaufman hard and Valerie had the back hammerfisting and she tried to take the back and she had one hook but Kaufman was trying to shake her off. One thirty-five. Valerie was high on the back. One fifteen. Valerie had the back crucifix almost. Valerie landed some hammerfists. One minute. Valerie tried an armbar, Kaufman was out on top in guard and they stood and Valerie backed off eating a combination and another. Kaufman landed a nice one-two combo. Kaufman landed a body kick. Thirty-five. Valerie landed a body kick. They clinched and Kaufman broke with a knee to the body. Twenty. Kaufman landed a right hand and another and they clinched and broke. Ten. Kaufman landed a right hand and another. Kaufman landed a flurry as the first round ended. Between rounds, Tool by Stinkfist played. The second round began. Kaufman landed a combination and ate a body kick and they clinched, Kaufman landed some body shots and they broke. They circled. Kaufman landed a jab. Four twenty remaining. Kaufman blocked a high kick. She landed a combination and they clinched and Kaufman pounded to the body and broke. Kaufman landed a combination, repeated lefts and rights. Three fifty-five. Kaufman landed a right hand. They clinched and Kaufman landed a big knee. Kaufman landed a big right and a left and they broke. Kaufman stuffed a takedown and they broke. Three thirty. Valerie was tired. Kaufman landed a big combination and Valerie was turning away a bit and the referee thus stopped it. Valerie was dejected.

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