Palhares grabbing the deadly heelhook.

The fight was the UFC debut of Lucio Linhares.

The FightEdit

The first round began and they touched gloves. Palhares came in with a right hand and got a single-leg on top to guard. Linhares was looking to sweep but Palhares had an excellent base, Linhares stood, Palhares got the roll nicely and they scrambled, Palhares stayed on top in guard, Linhares had a body triangle from the bottom as Palhares postured up. Four minutes. Palhares landed a body shot and a right hand. Three thirty-five. Palhares covering the mouth and he landed a hammerfist to the neck. Palhares landed a big elbow. Three minutes. Palhares landed an elbow but he couldn't put power in with the body triangle, he landed a good elbow. Two twenty. Palhares landed a good hammerfist and another, nothing big. The referee stood them up, Palhares helped him up. They touched gloves. Palhares landed a big right hand, grabbed a single and dropped for a leglock, Linhares was defending and looking for his own. Palhares grabbed a tight heelhook. He was cranking that. One twenty, Linhares escaped and pulled guard, again with the body triangle on the other side. One minute. Palhares had the thumb in the throat briefly. He lost it when Palhares stacked him, Palhares grabbed the leg again, Linhares was on top and he tried to stand out, dodged the leglock and Linhares was on top with ten left. They were in a strange pretzel position chilling and the first round ended.

The second round began and they touched gloves. Linhares landed a leg kick. Palhares came with a jumping knee and wound up on his back with a single-leg in half-guard. Four ten. Palhares was trying for the sweep. Linhares was managing to stay on top. Nope, Palhares swept on top but he got caught in a tight deep triangle, Palhares popped out, he had the back in a weird position. Three forty. He had a leg basically in a strange position. Three twenty. Linhares was on top now. Palhares landed hammerfists from the bottom. Linhares was basically in half-guard. Linhares landed a short elbow from there. Two fifty. Palhares was taking a breather. Linhares was moving to mount and he had it. Palhares popped out the back door and he was on top in side control and he put his leg in a backwards half-guard. The referee wanted work. Two twenty. Boos from the crowd and the referee stood them up. They were both weary. One fifty-five. Palhares shot in and got a single but Linhares grabbed an omoplata, Palhares dropped back for a leg. He had a tight heelhook and the referee stopped it, I guess Linhares tapped. They were both just laying there. They touched gloves. Boos came. Ohh it was a verbal tapout. He also tapped a bit with the left hand.

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