Palhares acacio

Palhares shooting on Acacio.

The fight was in the finals of the Fury FC 2007 Middleweight grand prix. Earlier that night, in the semifinals, Daniel Acacio had defeated Andre Mikito and Rousimar Palhares had defeated Fabio Nascimento. The fight was Palhares's last fight before he entered the UFC.

The FightEdit

The first round began. Acacio had a low stance. Palhares wanted no part of the striking, staying tentative. Both guys were really. Acacio blocked a body kick. Acacio defended a single-leg. Palhares landed a right hand and hurt Acacio and got a double-leg to guard. Palhares was trying to free his arms as Acacio trapped them. Acacio was still a little hurt obviously. Palhares rolled for a heelhook and he had it tight and Acacio tapped. Palhares helped him up and hugged him.

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