Chris Camozzi replaced an injured Yoel Romero on just six days' notice. The first round began. Camozzi lands an inside kick. And another. Jacare lands a body kick and a right. Jacare checks an inside kick. Camozzi misses a telegraphed high kick. Jacare landsa  right and eats a jab, lands a body kick. 4:00. Jacare catches an inside kick for a single to guard. Beginning of the end. Camozzi hanging on desperately. Jacare passing beautifully, does so to side control. Knee on belly. 3:00. Lefts to the body. Mounts, goes for an armbar in a scramble, Camozzi defending. Spiderweb position. Jacare working. Camozzi has to keep his hands together, he taps. Damn. Apparently a verbal tap. Meh. Even faster than last time.