Travis Fulton was forced to forfeit the fight for a TKO victory for the undefeated Rich Franklin between rounds one and two, because of a broken hand sustained in the first round. The fight was for Rings USA.

The FightEdit

The first round began. Fulton was wearing shoes. They circled. Franklin landed a leg kick, sprawled to stuff a takedown easily. Fulton got a single-leg to guard after a moment. Four twenty-five. Franklin briefly looked for a kimura. Franklin seemed very relaxed. Four minutes. The referee stood them up with three fifty. Fulton threw a missed combination. Franklin missed a high kick. Fulton shot in, Franklin sprawled and stuffed it to the clinch with a knee. Franklin landed another knee. Three fifteen. Fulton pulled guard and his corner was pissed. Three minutes. Not much really going on. Two thirty-five. The referee stood them up with two twenty-nine. Fulton landed a right hand but not much behind it. Franklin landed a leg kick. Franklin stuffed a takedown, turned for the back and had the guard once more. Two minutes. Franklin passed to half-guard. Franklin passed to side control. One thirty-five. Franklin passed to north-south, he stepped over for a kimura or an armbar. He kept looking for it, turned for an armbar with one fifteen. Fulton was keeping the arm bent, not straight. Franklin used it to take the back. One minute. Franklin had one hook. Franklin landed some big body shots, and some more and some more. Fulton turned, but Franklin still had the back with more body shots, he had half-guard and then side control with thirty left. Franklin went for mount. Fulton gave up his back instead, Franklin had both hooks in with ten. Franklin looked for the choke. The first round ended. Fulton was shaking his head and indicating his hand. The referee came over, talked to him, and waved off the fight. They hugged and Franklin said something to him.

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