Franklin brink

Franklin and Brink facing off.

Rich Franklin came in undefeated, but the fight was a no-contest due to an accidental injury to Aaron Brink with his leg stuck between the cage and the floor. The fight was for the IFC United States light-heavyweight title with Brink defending.

The FightEdit

The two fighters and the referee bowed to each other simultaneously. The first round began. Brink landed a left hand and uppercut immediately. They clinched and broke. Brink landed a body kick. Brink landed an uppercut and a knee to the head. They clinched. Brink's eye was cut. Franklin landed a body knee and they broke. Brink's eye was bloody already. His right eye. I got that before the commentators did. Franklin landed a right hand and a head kick, Brink was hurt. They clinched and broke. Brink was wobbling. Franklin landed a left and a right. Brink landed a few uppercuts as they clinched. Franklin broke with a pair of lefts. Franklin landed a body kick and ate a right hand. They were tired. They clinched, Brink landed a knee. Franklin landed a knee and a pair of left hands inside. Franklin sprawled and stuffed a takedown and turtled Brink up. Something was wrong. Brink was motioning to the referee and it was paused. Brink's leg was stuck between the edge of the cage and the floor. I noticed that before the commentators as well. Brink tried to stand, he was hurt. His ankle was hurt. It was possibly twisted. They hugged. Brink was unable to continue. They ordered Franklin the TKO (injury) victory and he was the champion. He threw some shoes or something or the bottles into the crowd. They hugged again. The fight was later overturned to a no-contest and I guess Brink kept his belt.

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