The fight was for King of the Cage.

The FightEdit

The first round began. Rodriguez shot in and got the double to guard. He postured up. Rodriguez landed a few body shots. Not much really going on. Fulton's got a good guard, avoiding any damage, no damage is really being attempted though by Rodriguez. Rodriguez just posturing up. Making Fulton waste energy. The referee wanted them to pick up the action. Rodriguez landed a pair of right hands there. Rodriguez landed a good right hand. Another pair of good ones. Rodriguez landed a left, right and a hard left. Another hard left. Rodriguez landed a pair of lefts and a big right. He postured up with a big right and another. The referee was taking a close look. Rodriguez landed a left hand. This referee is an asshole. Just kneeling there watching. Bitch. Rodriguez landed a pair of right hands. He landed a hammerfist. Rodriguez landed a pair of lefts and another. Rodriguez landed a right. The referee wanted more work. One minute remaining. Rodriguez posturing up. Rodriguez was looking to pass, Fulton grabbed for an armbar and missed, Rodriguez was going knee on belly, he turned for an armbar sitting against the fence, Fulton was defending. He was pulling it out and he had it and Fulton tapped the knee.

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