The fight was in the semifinals of the Pride 2005 middleweight grand prix.

The FightEdit

The first round began. They circled. Silva missed a leg kick. He landed a leg kick. Silva landed another leg kick. Arona faked the shot twice. Nothing much happening so far. Silva landed another pair of leg kicks. Silva landed a one-two combo. Arona landed a leg kick. Arona landed a hard leg kick and got a takedown to guard. They're exchanging in the guard. Arona landed a big right hand. The ref stood them up after a bit. Silva got a yellow card. Silva landed a counter knee to the face as Arona shot. Arona got the takedown to guard regardless. :) Arona landed big shots. Silva isn't being very active. They stood and broke. The first round ended. The second round began. Arona landed a leg kick. Silva landed a leg kick and another. Arona landed a right hand and the crowd gasped. They clinched. Arona kneed the body. Silva broke. "Now kick his ass, Wanderlei," Silva's corner yelled. Silva landed an inside kick and another. The crowd chanted 'Silva'. Nothing much is happening even with the standup. The ref paused and gave both fighters a yellow card. Arona got a takedown to guard. The ref moved them to the middle. Arona's doling out a lot of punishment. The second round ended and Arona taunted Silva. Arona had the unanimous decision.

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