The fight was the UFC debut of Rob Yundt, and he came into the fight undefeated. The fight was Ricardo Almeida's return to the UFC and to the sport, his return from retirement and his first fight since 2004 (the fight was in 2008). Yundt was a replacement for Alan Belcher.

The FightEdit

The first round began and they touched gloves. Yundt came out hard. He landed an uppercut. They circled. Almeida was looking fast, ducking in and out and landing nothing. Four twenty-five. Almeida shot for the double, Yundt briefly defended and Almeida completed it to guard. Yundt missed an elbow from the bottom. Yundt got the butterflies in. Almeida landed a right hand and stunned Yundt and he turned and pulled guard with an arm-in guillotine. Yundt slammed him but Almeida kept it tight as hell and Yundt was forced to tap after a moment, barely a minute in.

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