Jordan injures his knee on a failed takedown attempt at the start of the second round.

The fight was Ray Sefo's Strikeforce debut, and he came into the fight undefeated. The fight was also Kevin Jordan's Strikeforce debut.

The FightEdit

The first round began and they touched gloves. Sefo landed a good leg kick. Sefo landed a leg kick, Jordan shot in and Sefo ended up on top in half-guard with a nice reversal. Very nice. Jordan retained guard after a moment. Four ten. Four minutes. Jordan got the sweep on top to side control. Three thirty-five. Jordan landed a few left hands. Three twenty. Jordan kneed the body. Jordan landed a few more left hands. Three minutes. Jordan looked for a kimura. Sefo was defending. Two twenty-five remaining. Jordan let it go. Jordan landed a few more lefts. Two minutes. Jordan was looking to isolate the arm again, landed another knee to the body. One thirty-five. Jordan mounted with one twenty-seven. Sefo was blocking. Jordan landed a pair of lefts in under. One minute. Jordan has a very good mount obviously. Sefo was trying to buck. He was on his side with thirty. Jordan landed a few partially blocked right hands. Back to full mount. Fifteen. Ten. Sefo blocked a few more right hands. The first round ended. "If you end up in his guard, break free and stand up," Sefo's corner told him. The second round began. Jordan shot for the single, Seto stuffed it and stood and Jordan stayed laying down grunting in pain, Sefo landed a few punches and stood and Jordan stayed laying down and Sefo came back towards him and the referee held him back. Sefo consoled him. Sefo's right knee was injured. He was in pain.

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