Evans throwing one of many headkicks. I'm not sure if that's the knockout blow.

The fight was the UFC debut of Sean Salmon and it ended in one of the most dynamic headkick knockouts in UFC history.

The FightEdit

The first round began and they touched gloves. Salmon bounced around, he was pumped. Salmon pumped the jab. He had his hands low. Salmon tried a jumping soccer kick, way off. The famous soccer kick. They circled. Four twenty. Four minutes. Salmon landed the jab and dodged the counter right hand. Salmon breathing a tiny bit hard. Salmon landed a right hand. Salmon slowing down. Three twenty. Salmon landed a nice right hook. Three minutes. Evans landed a right hand and they clinched with that three minutes. Salmon got a nice arm drag takedown to half-guard, very impressive. Two forty-five. Salmon passed to side control. Salmon landed a pair of nice elbows. Evans managed to stand and they broke. Two twenty. They clinched and Salmon landed a body shot and ate a knee. Two minutes remaining and they broke with Salmon landing a nice right hand. Evans missed a big headkick. Salmon caught a body kick and worked for it and got a nice single with it into guard. One thirty. Salmon landed a right and a left and a right. Evans stood eating a one-two and they broke. Evans was looking very disappointed. One ten. Salmon was breathing out of his mouth, as was Evans however. Evans landed a right hand to the forehead. Thirty-five. Evans missed a right hand. Salmon faked the shot and Evans flinched. Ten. Salmon peeked at the clock. Salmon dodged a high kick. Evans landed an inside leg kick as the first round ended. The second round began and they touched gloves. Salmon landed a body kick. Couture thought Evans should go with low kicks. They clinched and Evans dropped Salmon with a knee to the body and Salmon stood eating hammerfists in under and he grabbed the regular clinch. Four twenty-five as they broke. Salmon had his hands low. Four twenty. Evans missed the body shot. Evans testing the range with that hand. Four minutes. Evans landed a massive head kick with three minutes and twenty-seven seconds remaining and Salmon dropped backwards limp. It was all over. The commentators were absolutely shocked. Salmon was stiff and his toes were curled up.

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