The FightEdit

The first round began and they touched gloves. They circled and then clinched. Evans was pressing Lambert against the fence. Lambert looked a bit soft to be honest. Lambert landed a knee to the body. Four twenty and they broke. They clinched again with Evans landing a nice knee. Evans got the throw and turtled Lambert up, sprawling out, Evans kept Lambert down, he landed a few big shots in under, big right hands and back up to the clinch with basically four minutes, as they entered that. Evans had Lambert to his knees and had the back pounding in under. Three thirty with Lambert standing back to the clinch and breaking. They clinched again and Evans got the double-leg to side control against the fence. He landed a pair of big knees to the body. Lambert gave up his back again. Three minutes. Lambert stood to the clinche ating a knee to the body. Evans dumped him back down to side control. Lambert looked for a kimura from the bottom of course. He was yanking it. Two thirty. Evans was turning with it, staying on top and he escaped. Evans was trying to pin the arm with his knee but he couldn't. Two minutes. Evans turtled Lambert up and they stood and Evans broke with a knee. Lambert was a bit tired but pressing forward, missing an uppercut. Lambert shot in, Evans sprawled and stood and broke with a knee. He landed a left hand and they clinched. One thirty. Lambert landed a few rights inside and a knee to the leg. One minute remained with Lambert working for a single. Evans defended, blocking a punch as he did. One minute. Evans looked for a single himself and got it to half-guard. Thirty. The crowd booed. Fifteen. Lambert retained guard. Evans passed to half-guard. The first round ended. The second round began. They came out with Lambert stalking. Evans landed a right hand, shot for the single and got it easily to half-guard. Lambert retained guard but ate a few big lefts and a right. Four twenty-five. Four minutes with Evans turtling Lambert up. Evans pounded in under. Lambert stood and turned trying a standing kimura, Evans dumped him facedown into the fence having the back once again. Three thirty-five as they stood to the clinch, Evans broke with a knee. The crowd booed and Evans got a double-leg to side control and mounted explosively. Three minutes. Evans taking a breather laying there, holding Lambert down. Two forty-five. Evans landed some big lefts and then a big six or seven combination of punches to the chin and Lambert was out and the referee stopped it by knockout.

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