Evans pardoe

Evans and Pardoe working for positioning against the cage in the clinch.

The fight was in the quarterfinals of the Gladiator Challenge LHW tournament.

The FightEdit

The first round began. Pardoe landed an inside leg kick. They clinched. Not much was going on. Pardoe got the trip after a moment to half-guard and Evans stood back to the clinch. Not much going on. Evans landed a right hand inside after a bit. Evans got the takedown to half-guard. Evans landed a few right hands and a left and mounted with two big right hands. Pardoe gave up his back with one hook in. Pardoe stood but Evans had the standing back. Pardoe turned to the clinch. Evans landed a knee to the body. 'Heel stomp!' Evans had a body lock. He dumped Pardoe down to half-guard and landed repeated right hands. He turned on top to side cotnrol with big right hands, Pardoe turtled up and he was bloody, ate more shots, Evans standing over him pounding slowly with lefts and rights and Herb stopped it.

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