Enson randy

Inoue locking up the tight armbar on Couture.

Randy Couture came into the fight undefeated and it was his first mixed martial arts loss. The fight was featured in the documentary Rites of Passage.

The FightEdit

The first round began. Inoue landed a body kick and Couture got the takedown to guard. Inoue tried a triangle, Couture avoided and slammed him and stood. Couture avoided an upkick. Inoue landed a leg kick from the ground and missed another. Couture checked a leg kick from the ground. Circling around looking down at Inoue. Inoue landed another leg kick from the ground. Inoue stood finally with a right hand. They clinched. Couture landed a knee. Couture got a takedown to guard once more. Inoue rolled for an armbar and he had it very tight and Couture tapped almost immediately. Couture came over and shook his hand and hugged him.

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