Cane pounding Sokoudjou out for the victory.

After the fight, Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou was cut from the UFC.

The FightEdit

The first round began. They went to the feeling-out process. Sokoudjou landed a leg kick. Sokoudjou landed an inside leg kick and his head kick was blocked. Sokoudjou pushed forward with a body kick. Cane landed a straight left. Cane landed a jab. Sokoudjou landed a combination with a few body kicks. Cane landed a good right. Sokoudjou landed an uppercut. Cane landed a good body kick. Sokoudjou landed a solid leg kick and Cane's leg nearly buckled. Sokoudjo landed an inside leg kick and a body kick. Sokoudjou landed a Superman punch. Sokoudjou landed an uppercut and Cane backed off. Sokoudjou landed another uppercut. Sokoudjou landed a jab and a body shot, still pushing forward. Sokoudjou landed another good body kick. Sokoudjou landed a big right hand but Cane was still coming. Sokoudjou landed an inside leg kick. Cane landed a body kick. Cane landed a big knee to the head. Cane landed a jab. The first round ended.

The second round began. They touched gloves. Cane landed an accidental groin kick. The fight restarted. They touched gloves. Sokoudjou landed a jumping hard high body kick. Cane landed a straight left and then another. Cane landed an uppercut. Sokoudjou landed a wicked inside leg kick. Sokoudjou was taking big deep breaths. Cane landed a stiff jab. Sokoudjou landed a hard body kick but Cane kept coming. Sokoudjou landed a good combination. Cane landed a good right and then a hard knee and then a good left. Sokoudjou was breathing hard. Cane landed some good jabs. Sokoudjou landed a good uppercut. Cane landed a jab. Cane landed another big knee. Dan Henderson was yelling for the takedown. Cane landed a big knee and Sokoudjou went down and Cane was ground-and-pounding and then it was over. Cane had won by TKO.

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