Sokoudjou nortje

Sokoudjou continuing to hit Nortje despite the referee stoppage.

The fight was the first round of the Dream 2009 Super Hulk grand prix. The fight's ending was controversial because Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou refused to stop when the referee told him to and he kept hitting Jan Nortje.

The FightEdit

The first round began. Nortje came out southpaw. Nortje missed a leg kick. Sokoudjou landed a hard body kick and they clinched. Nine thirty. Sokoudjou looked for the trip and Nortje defended by grabbing the ropes. Nortje landed a pair of body uppercuts inside. Nortje grabbed the ropes again. Nine ten. Nortje landed a body shot inside. Nine minutes remaining. Nortje landed a knee to the body. The referee broke them apart. Nortje blocked a front kick nicely. Eight twenty with Sokoudjou landing an excellent leg kick and then an inside leg kick. Eight minutes. Sokoudjou landed another inside leg kick. Sokoudjou came in trying a single-leg, Nortje defended grabbing the ropes for the third time. Sokoudjou got the hard body lock trip takedown into half-guard and landed a big right hand. He landed five more and seven big hammerfists and the referee stopped it and Sokoudjou landed five or six more big shots downwards. Nortje's trainer Ray Sefo got in Sokoudjou's face. Everyone was shoving and they separated Sokoudjou to the corner. Nortje was pissed as well, he was being restrained.

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