The first round began. Castillo landed an inside kick. Felder landed a right and a leg kick. Felder landed a leg kick and ate an inside kick. 4:00. Felder landed an inside kick to the groin. Felder got the final warning. They continued, touching gloves. Felder stuffed a single. Felder landed a leg kick. Castillo landed a checked inside kick. And another. 3:00. Castillo landed a left and ate a big right counter. Felder landed a hard leg kick. Felder tried a flying knee. He tried a spinning back kick. He landed a right hand. 2:00. Felder kneed the body hard twice. Castillo blocked a high kick. Felder kneed the body and landed a right. He landed a hard leg kick. Castillo landed a right to the body. 1:00. Another hard leg kick from Felder. And an inside kick. And another leg kick. And an inside kick, tried a wheel kick. 30. He kneed the body. 15 left. He tried a front leg hook kick and a spinning backfist, R1 ends, 10-9 Felder, very interesting.

R2 began. Felder landed a good switch body kick. Nice head movement. Felder kneed the body and landed a right. And another knee. 4:00. Felder stalking him along the cage. Castillo landed a right, mostly slipped. Felder landed a leg kick. 3:00 left. Felder dropped him out cold with a spinning backfist, pounced with two hesitant right hammerfists on the clearly unconscious Castillo. Felder yelled "$50,000" while sitting on the cage. I'd say he's secured one of the two Performance of the Night bonuses for sure. 2:09 R2. Landed right on the chin in the replay. 'Spinning shit' KO at 2:09 R2. Lol.