The first round began and they touch gloves. Olson works a double and gets it. Half-guard. Daley regains guard. Daley stands to the clinch. Daley lands a left. "Elbow!" Knees the body hard. 4:00. Daley gets a single to butterfly guard. Passes to half-guard. Daley lands a left and another. "Gotta move!" Daley lands a huge left coming back down to guard. 3:00. Daley stands and lets him up. Daley lands a counter right uppercut, knees the body, clinch. Olson lands a right uppercut. Works a single. Daley knees the body, then head, breaks with a right, left, right, left. Daley swinging wild. Olson gets a double to guard. Olson lands a left elbow. 2:00. Olson lands a right. Passes to half-guard. Olson thinking D'arce. Lost it. Short left elbow. Another D'arce opportunity. Olson pulled guard in a scramble thinking guillotine, Daley escapes to guard. Olson lands an upkick. Daley's nose bleeding. Daley lands a huge right, two lefts under as he gets the back, three more lefts. 30. A huge left, right elbow, left elbow, right elbow, right, two lefts, Olson regains guard. Tying up the arms but he's hurt. 15. Olson went for an armbar. Lost it. R1 ends, 10-9 Daley but close, good round.

R2 began. Olson looking a bit winded. Olson lands a good body kick. Thought about a flying knee. Olson lands a body kick and another, Daley caught it for a single, lands a left and another. And another. Another, right, left, right, left, right, the left drops Olson, a left, right, right. Mauling him against the cage now. 4:00. A big left. A right. A left. Olson cut by left eye. Daley lands a left and another drops Olson again, it's over. 1:12 R2. They hug.