Miletich carter

Miletich landing a high kick to the head of Carter for the knockout.

The FightEdit

The first round began. Carter missed a high kick and landed a leg kick. Carter missed a jab. Carter landed a blocked body kick, he was southpaw. Miletich landed a good knee to the body. Miletich landed a leg kick and ate a leg kick. They clinched. Four minutes. Miletich got a slow throw to half-guard very nice. Three forty. Three ten. Miletich was trying to pass, and he did to mount after a moment. Miletich landed a few body shots. Two minutes. Carter hugging him well. Miletich spoke to his corner or maybe the ref. Some body shots to the ribs from Pat. One minute. Twenty. Boos coming. The first round ended. The second round began. Miletich blocked a high kick and dodged a high side kick. Miletich blocked another high kick. Carter landed a leg kick and ate a counter right and they clinched. Carter landed a knee. Carter landed another knee and broke eating an elbow. Carter landed a body shot and ate a counter combination. Three fifty. Miletich landed a body kick hitting the solar plexus. Miletich blocked another high kick. Three thirty-five. They clinched. Carter landed a knee. Miletich landed a knee. Three minutes. Miletich broke with another elbow and a right hook. Carter landed a leg kick. They clinched once more. Miletich landed a body shot and broke with a missed elbow. Carter landed a right hand. Carter landed a headkick and dropped Carter and the referee stopped it as Carter collapsed facedown. Carter popped right back up but he was wobbly. They hugged.

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