Barry hague

Barry grazes Hague with a beautiful high kick.

The bout was the UFC debut of Tim Hague and he was a heavy underdog coming into the fight versus undefeated former kickboxer Pat Barry.

The FightEdit

The first round began. The newcomer Hague pushed forward quickly, but was sent back by Barry with a flurry of strikes and a high kick. Hague now looked more cautious. He still pushed forward with nothing landing flush from the lunge. He caught a hard head kick from Barry and was rocked. Barry pounced, going for another head kick. Hague recovered quickly and took Barry down hard, moving to side control. He quickly took Barry's back. Barry attempted to sweep Hague. Hague's nose was bloodied up at this point. Hague grabbed the guillotine and sank it in and Barry tapped quickly. Tim Hague had won by guillotine submission. In the post-fight interview, blood ran down from Hague's nose. He talked about how much he loved his wife and his little boy.