The first round began. St. Preux lands a left to the body then a nice hard left jab. He doesn't seem scared by Cummins' standup. OSP lands a body kick. He tries it again, Cummins catches it for a single, OSP is up and then down and then he's up and breaks away. 4:00. Cummins gets a double throwing him down, OSP standing. Crowd yelling for knees as Cummins has a headlock. Clinch. Cummins knees the leg, again. Another to the thigh. Broke kneeing the body. 3:00. OSP knees the body hard, stuffs a single. A front kick to the body. OSP lands a left uppercut. Cummins is tentative, ate a spinning kick to the body, got a double-leg slam from the back, OSP scrambles to his feet immediately, 2:00. OSP lands a body kick, eats a straight right. OSP lands a left. 1:00. Pace slowing. OSP getting sloppy, he's slowing down. Cummins lands a right, eats a left. 35. Cummins stuffs an ankle pick easily, lands a right hammerfist. Breaks. Cummins lands a right,e ats a counter left uppercut falling, OSP pounces with five or six right hammerfists, holy shit out of nowhere. Cummins is up wobbling around unsure what's happening, needs to sit down. 4:54 R1. Wants to fight someone in Nashville.