Diaz and Riggs exchanging.

The two fought at the hospital after the controversial decision win that Joe Riggs earned.

The FightEdit

The first round began. Riggs blocked a high kick. Diaz shot in, Riggs stuffed it. Riggs shoved Diaz down to side control, Diaz was trying to roll for an armbar, he got guard and looked for a triangle and Riggs defended. Diaz turtled up and stood to the clinch with four twenty. Diaz landed a knee to the body. They broke. They clinched. Riggs landed a right hand inside and a knee. Four minutes and they broke. Riggs checked a leg kick. Riggs missed a right hand and landed a right hook slightly. Riggs landed a good counter left hand and an uppercut inside as they clinched with three thirty. Riggs landed a right hook as they broke. They clinched with three twenty. Three minutes. Diaz landed an uppercut inside and broke with a right hook to the top of the head that dropped Riggs to his knees and Diaz landed a left hand downwards to the chin. Riggs ate some shots in under hugging the leg and stood eating some uppercuts and then ate a nice left hook. Two thirty. Diaz landed a jab. Diaz was talking smack. Diaz landed a right hand but ate a counter left. Diaz landed a good left hand again. Two minutes. They exchanged in close and clinched. Diaz landed a knee. Diaz landed another knee and a few body shots. He was still talking to him. Riggs broke away with one thirty remaining. They clinched. Riggs broke with a knee to the body. Riggs landed a nice left hand and Diaz just ate it flush and landed a right hand himself and they clinched. One minute with Riggs breaking with a short combination with only a body shot really landing. Diaz landed a jab and a left hook. Diaz was still walking him down. Riggs shot in, Diaz stuffed it and stood over him and came down to guard. Thirty remaining. Diaz landed some body shots. Diaz landed a good elbow. Ten. Riggs landed a pair of hammerfists from the bottom. The first round ended. "And when you break that clinch, you throw that fucking right elbow," Riggs' cornerman Jeremy Horn told him. The second round began. Diaz was talking shit before the bell even. He came out talking walking Riggs down. Riggs landed a nice combination, right left right. They clinched, Riggs broke with an uppercut. Diaz landed a left hook and they clinched with four twenty-five. Diaz was bleeding. Riggs had blood all over his chest. Diaz broke with a missed right hook. Riggs blocked a body kick. Riggs landed an excellent left hook, Diaz just took it pressing forward. Diaz landed a right hand and ate a right hook in close and clinched, he worked for a single-leg. Riggs was defending. Diaz gave it up. Riggs broke with an uppercut. Three thirty. Riggs landed a straight left and a right hook. He landed a jab. They clinched again. Three minutes. Diaz landed some body shots and a knee to the body, Riggs broke with a blocked right hook. Diaz was cut under his right eye. He blocked a body kick. Diaz landed a jab and another. He was walking him down. They clinched with two thirty. Riggs broke with a blocked right hook. He blocked a high kick. They clinched and Riggs broke with another blocked one. Riggs landed a blocked uppercut. Diaz was walking him down. Two minutes. Another blocked one-two, left right for Diaz. Diaz landed a right hand. Riggs shot in and got a double to guard, Diaz worked for an omoplata on the right arm instantly. He let it go after a moment back to guard. One twenty. Diaz locked up a triangle, Riggs escaped quickly. Riggs landed a good elbow. One minute. Riggs landed another good elbow partially. Diaz worked for an armbar, Riggs was defending. Diaz shoved him off but gave up his back, he rolled for a kneebar, he almost had it. Riggs escaped to half-guard with thirty. Diaz retained guard dodging a big left hand. Riggs landed a big elbow and fifteen remaining. Riggs landed a big right to the shoulder. Diaz rolled and he had an armbar tight but the second round ended. The third round began. They came out a bit more slowly. They clinched. Not really as much going on in there. Four twenty-five. Diaz was working for a double, Riggs defended. They broke. Riggs's ear was bloody, it looked like, or maybe that was Diaz's. They clinched again after a moment, right after four minutes. They broke. Diaz blocked a three-punch combination. Riggs missed an uppercut and a left hand. They clinched again. Three twenty. Diaz landed a jab. Diaz blocked an uppercut and a right hand as well. They clinched with three minutes. Riggs defended a trip. A bit later, he defended another after that. Riggs landed another knee. Two twenty-five. Rogan was saying Riggs had to get a finish to win the fight. Two fifteen. They've been clinched for a bit... Riggs broke with a meh right hook. Diaz stuffed a double to the clinch with two minutes. They broke after a moment or two. Riggs landed a jab and ate a left hand. They clinched. Diaz landed a knee and ate one and they broke. Riggs landed a good right hook but Diaz took it. Riggs shot for the single, Diaz avoided and turned out and let Riggs stand. Riggs looked a bit gassed. One ten. Riggs landed a left hook. They clinched. Riggs defended a trip with one minute and got a half-hearted throw and turtled him up. Diaz stood to the clinch and broke blocking a combination. Thirty-five. They clinched. Twenty-five. Diaz landed an elbow inside and broke eating a right hook. Diaz blocked a high kick and landed a body kick. Riggs missed a right hook. Diaz missed a high kick. Riggs landed a right hook at the bell as the third round ended. Riggs got the unanimous decision.

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