The fight was in the finals of the King of the Mountain tournament for the UA welterweight title. Both fighters had defeated two opponents earlier that night. Jeremy Jackson had defeated Mike Penalber and Zach Light. Nick Diaz had defeated Adam Lynn and Blaine Tyler. Diaz came into the fight undefeated.

The FightEdit

The first round began and they touched gloves. They circled, sizing each other up. Diaz missed a high kick. Jackson landed a right hand and dropped Diaz and was pouncing on him. Diaz was defending himself pushing with the legs. Jackson let him up after a moment. Jackson landed another right hand and dropped Diaz against the ropes just pounding away and big shots in under and then six or seven big shots straight downward and Diaz was almost limp and the referee stopped it. Jackson celebrated and then embraced Diaz on the ground. Diaz was dizzy on his feet.

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