Tyler diaz

Diaz looking for a kimura.

Nick Diaz came into the fight undefeated. It was the quarterfinals of the King of the Mountain tournament. Diaz would go on to defeat Adam Lynn in the semifinals before losing to Jeremy Jackson in the finals. The fight was Blaine Tyler's only MMA bout ever and thus it was his MMA debut as well.

The FightEdit

The first round began. Diaz missed a body kick and tripped, Tyler let him up. Tyler landed a leg kick and they clinched. Tyler landed an elbow inside. Diaz landed a knee to the body. Tyler, the wrestler, was defending a takedown himself. Diaz was working towards the standing back. Diaz landed another knee to the body. Diaz got the body lock takedown to half-guard and then mount but Tyler reversed to guard almost right into an armbar. Tyler dropped a few short elbows. Diaz rolled for another armbar. He had it locked up but not straightened. Tyler spun over, the armbar was locked in tight as hell. Tyler was fighting it. Diaz yelled 'it's broken'. Tyler kept fighting it. He landed a few knees to the hip and another big one to the kidney and another. He turned on top to a triangle. Back to armbar turned. Tyler went back to guard. Tyler has a high pain tolerance apparently. Tyler dropped some more short elbows and Diaz threw up another armbar. Diaz got the beautiful transition to take the back with both hooks nicely. He was working for a kimura from the back. Tyler was defending. He was high on the back and Tyler was trying to work him off. Tyler turned basically to the guard but Diaz still had that kimura. He had it locked tight. Diaz locked up to another triangle. Tyler was fighting it. The head was down. Tyler was trying to posture up out. Diaz went on top to mount with it and then on the back. The first round came to an end a moment later. The second round began. Tyler landed a leg kick. Tyler landed another leg kick. He was a little bit winded. Diaz landed a left hand. Tyler landed a leg kick and another and ate another left hand and another. Tyler was a little gassed. Tyler landed another leg kick. And another and missed anotehr and ate an uppercut and a hard left hand. Tyler smiled and landed a leg kick. They exchanged a bit more with Diaz landing the harder shots and then they clinched. Tyler's nose was bleeding, dripping on the shoulder of Diaz. Diaz got him away from the ropes and into half-guard. He mounted and postured up pounding. Tyler was just eating repeated shots over and over, flailing his arms and eating shots over and over, over and over, the referee Herb finally stopped it.

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