The first round began. Lot of respect being shown as they throw probing strikes. Macario landed a right. Magny jabbed in landing a right. Magny landed a straight right. 4:00. This would be Magny's fifth win in 2014. They clinched. Magny landed a right uppercut on the break. Macario landed an inside kick. 3:00. Macario landed a right. Crowd chanting. Magny landed a pair of slick rights, ate a jab to the body. Macario landed a right and a left. Magny landed a jab. And an inside kick. Macario landed a left and a big right, hurt him. 2:00. Magny has that quick long straight right. Macario landed an inside kick. Boos? Macario landed a right. Magny landed a body kick. He landed a right and a left. 1:00. Magny landed a jab. Magny jabbed in, landed a right to the shoulder, feinted a single. 35. Macario landed a good left to the body. He worked a double and Magny defended well, stuffed it, 15, clinch. Magny kneed the body, right elbow on the break, R1 ends, 10-9 Magny IMO, close though.

R2 began and Macario beckoned Magny forward as he had often in R1. Magny landed a straight right. Magny landed a hard leg kick as his corner had requested. Macario landed a right. He jabbed the body. And again. 4:00. Macario landed a left and a big right. He landed a right uppercut. Crowd roars. Magny beckoned Macario in. Magny landed a left. 3:00. Macario jabbed the body and landed a big left, ate a right himself. Macario landed a jab, defended a single, landed a left elbow, kneed the body. 2:00. Left elbow. Kneed the body. Magny stood to the clinch, got a nice trip to half-guard. Lol Goldberg. "Right into side control!" Magny mounted. Boos already from the sore Brazilian crowd. 1:00. Boos. Magny landed several rights and a few lefts. Macario regained half-guard. 35. Magny landed a right elbow. He mounted again. Lefts. More. Rights, lefts under. A left. Rights and lefts standing over Macario, R2 ends, 10-9 Magny clearly that time. "He has no ground," Macario's corner kept repeating.

R3 began. Magny landed a right and another. Macario swinging wild lefts there. Magny landed a whipping right. Magny landed another right. Macario beckoned him in, ate a leg kick. 4:00 as Magny landed a double jab. He landed a counter right. Magny landed a leg kick. Magny landed a right and another, worked a double. Got it, landed a left, lefts under a she mounted, more lefts. Half-guard now. Boos already from the crowd.. 3:00. Left elbows to the body. Right hands now, hard ones, more. More. Lefts under. More. Ref telling Macario to protect himself, lefts under, mounted, rights and lefts, lefts under, ref stopped it. Boos from the sullen crowd. Very impressive. Magny laughed to the camera, said he'd like to fight again in two weeks. Probably joking. o.o