McSweeney and Al-Turk facing off at the beginning of the bout, moments before Al-Turk secured the takedown.

The fight was Mustapha Al-Turk's last in Cage Rage and his last before his stint in the UFC. The fight was for the vacant Cage Rage British heavyweight championship.

The FightEdit

The first round began. McSweeney offered his glove. They circled. Al-Turk landed a right hand, shot for the single and got it to half-guard against the cage effortlessly. Four twenty. McSweeney hugging Al-Turk. Four minutes. Al-Turk mounted. McSweeney was hugging him but his nose was bleeding and hammerfists were hitting his temple. Al-Turk was trying to flatten him out and he did with right hammerfists. Three fifteen. McSweeney trying to roll. Al-Turk had the back with both hooks pounding with right hammerfists. Repeatedly punching, hammerfists and punches. Over and over. Roberts stopped it. McSweeney was furious, he was saying it was to the back of the head. They hugged though and shook hands.

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