Mirko standing over the unconscious Wanderlei after the fateful high kick which ended the fight.

The fight was in the semifinals of the Pride 2006 Openweight Grand Prix, which Mirko Filipovic went on to win against Josh Barnett later that night.

The FightEdit

The first round began. The two exchanged strikes early. Mirko landed a pretty big shot. Mirko landed a stinging body kick and then a left. Silva landed some wild strikes. Mirko landed a straight left. Mirko got the takedown into full guard and immediately began raining down a series of hammerfist ground-and-pound. Silva went for the armbar, landed an upkick and they stood. Mirko dropped Silva with a straight left and followed him into full guard and began ground-and-pounding once more. There was some swelling around Silva's right eye now. The fight was near the ropes. The referee paused the fight for the doctor's to look at that bloody right eyebrow of Wanderlei Silva. Mirko lounged in his corner. Silva was obviously pleading with the medical staff. The fight was started once more and the crowd roared approvingly. The fight was restarted on the ground in full guard. Silva immediately began throwing strikes from the bottom desperately. The fight was stood up eventually and Silva got a yellow card. Mirko landed another excellent body kick. Silva landed numerous wild strikes. Mirko landed a wicked body kick. Mirko delivered the infamous left high kick and Silva went tumbling to the canvas unconscious. Mirko was on his way to the finals of the tournament.

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