Medium mostapha-al-turk-picture-injured-eye-big

Al-Turk's injured eyes after the eyepoke.

The fight was Mirko Filipovic's return to the UFC from Dream. The fight's finish was controversial, as Filipovic landed a bad eyepoke, to both of Mustapha Al-Turk's eyes before following up with punches that forced the referee to stop the fight.

The FightEdit

The first round began. Al-Turk landed an overhand right to the temple of Mirko and a leg kick and then another good leg kick. Mirko landed a right. Al-Turk tried for the takedown and was thrown aside. Al-Turk tried a head kick, landed a leg kick. Al-Turk landed a left. Al-Turk landed a leg kick. Mirko landed a straight left. They clinched and broke. Al-Turk tried a wild strike and was thrown aside. Al-Turk landed a leg kick. Mirko had a welt on his right leg. Mirko checked a leg kick. Al-Turk continued looking for the wild right hand. Mirko landed a stiff jab. Mirko landed a good right and began landing soem body shots. Mirko was rocked. Al-Turk went down. Mirko began ground-and-pounding. Mirko stood. He let Al-Turk up. Al-Turk swung and missed and took an eye poke and turned away, taking unresponding punches. Al-Turk went down. The fight was over. Mirko with the win by TKO.

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