Randleman mirko

Randleman walking away from an unconscious Filipovic.

The fight was the opening round of the Pride 2004 heavyweight grand prix. Kevin Randleman went on to lose to Fedor Emelianenko in the quarterfinals.

The FightEdit

The first round began. Randleman pushed forward early and they clinched, Filipovic was defending the takedown in the corner. Randleman was looking for the body lock, and he had the underhooks and then the full body lock. The referee wanted action. Randleman was just forcing his weight into Filipovic and wearing him down. The referee broke them up finally. Randleman was aware of that possible high kick. He was keeping his right hand up. He was circling on the outside. Filipovic stuffed a takedown attempt. Randleman landed a left hook and knocked Filipovic down hard and followed him into guard and Filipovic was still dazed. Randleman landed a few hammerfists to the chin, hard ones, and Filipovic was out and a few hammerfists later, the referee stopped it. Mauro Renallo squealed in shock.

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