The first round began and they touch gloves. Gonzaga lands a straight right. Gonzaga lands another good right. Mirko seems slow. 4:00. Mirko's landed nothing. Gonzaga lands a right. And a hard body kick. 3:00. Gonzaga shoots and gets a double to half-guard. Shit. Gonzaga with rights to the body. Working to pass. 2:00. More rights to the body. Gonzaga mounts. Fuck. Gonzaga lands a left. Lands a right. Cro Cop goes for a leglock. Gonzaga goes for his own. Anklelock. Mirko defends. He escapes. Gonzaga dives back to guard with a right. 1:00. Mirko lands a left elbow from the bottom. Mirko lands a few lefts. Gonzaga lands a right elbow. 30. Mirko lands a good left elbow. 15. And another. R1 ends, 10-9 Gonzaga but close.

R2 began. 4:00. Mirko lands a jab. Mirko lands a counter left uppercut but Gonzaga gets the double to half-guard. 3:00. Rights to the body. Briefly mounts, Mirko regains half-guard. More rights to body. "Referee, come on." Mirko goes for a sweep. Lands a left from the bottom. Another. Another left elbow. 2:00. Mounts again. Lands a right. A left. A right. Gonzaga lands a right. A left, right, right, left, right. Right, right. 1:00. Gonzaga thinking armbar. S-mount. Mirko defends correctly before Gonzaga can set it up. 35. Gonzaga lands a few lefts, thinks keylock or armbar. Blood on Gonzaga's scalp. Gonzaga lands a right elbow. And another slicing one. 15. Gonzaga thinks armbar. Mirko's cut. Gonzaga lands a right and another. R2 ends, 10-9 Gonzaga. Cut pretty bad by left eye.

R3 began. Mirko defends a takedown well. 4:00. Cut looks pretty well closed up. I hope he's just a slow starter now. They clinch. Gonzaga works a double, Mirko stuffs it. 3:00. Gonzaga knees the body. Gonzaga stuffs a trip, breaks with a left, eats a counter left. Mirko sprawls a single. Clinch. Cro Cop lands two big left elbows inside, hurts him, Gonzaga's wobbling. Three left uppercuts, another faceplants Gonzaga! Mirko pounces to guard. A left. 2:00. Mirko lands a big left elbow, another. A huge one. Another! Another. Another. Another. Another. A right. A big cut. A huge left elbow. Right hamemrfists, more. More! It's over. 3:30 R3. Mirko hugged Gonzaga. Cro Cop says he will be back "of course." Fuck yes. I am so fucking happy. Happy early birthday to me.