Filipovic pressing forward with punches against Sanchez.

The fight was the UFC debut of Mirko Filipovic.

The FightEdit

The first round began. They touched gloves. Sanchez threw some wild strikes which Filipovic dodged and Sanchez stumbled. The pattern continued. Mirko landed a left, landed a high left body kick and then another. Mirko landed a straight left. Sanchez was wobbled, stepping back constantly away. Mirko landed another left. Sanchez's hands were down. Mirko was the aggressor. They exchanged strikes. Mirko landed another straight left. Mirko landed a high left body kick and then another. Sanchez threw some more wild strikes and landed a few, and ate another straight left from Mirko. They exchanged again. They clinched. Mirko landed another hard left. Sanchez was wobbled hard. Mirko dodged some more wild strikes from Sanchez. They both threw kicks at the same time. Mirko landed a wicked leg kick. They clinched. Mirko landed some very good combinations. Sanchez tried more wild strikes. Mirko landed the left head kick and Sanchez was wobbled. Another straight left from Mirko and Sanchez went down. North-south position. Sanchez went on his back. Mirko moved to side control. Mirko moved to mount. Mirko landed some ground-and-pound. One minute remained. Mazzagatti stopped the fight with twenty-six seconds remaining in the first round.

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